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About this website

Owner of the website.

The contents of this website have been formulated by Physion srl, supplier of medical products.

Commercial interest.

Physion has a commercial interest. On this website products are being presented that are sold by this company.

Impartial information.

The information we publish on this website has been checked by medical specialists. The quality mark is meant to guarantee the quality of the information presented.
In case you are of the opinion that the information on this site is incorrect, please communicate as such by means of the contact form on our website.

Full information?

On this website we only present the advantages and disadvantages of our products.
You can take this information with you when seeing your medical specialist.
Your specialist is the only person who has an overall insight into your condition and he/she has knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of other methods of treatment. Together you can choose the most suitable course of treatment.
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Optimal treatment of superficial bladder tumours